How you can help

How can I help?

Your donation of the equivalent of one first office call will help offset the cost of our trip to lobby on behalf of our profession. The cost of the trip ends up being around $700-$800 for students. This includes airfare to Washington, DC, 3-4 nights hotel room, and meals not provided by the conference. The number one thing keeping more students from participating is cost. Even with previous fundraising efforts students usually pay around half the cost of the trip out of their pockets.
Where does the donation go?

The donation is recieved through the Bastyr finance office and put into a special fund for the Bastyr DCFli. Students submit receipts at the end of the trip and are reimbursed based on the total donations we receive as a group. The funds stay in the DCFli account and will be used to fund next year’s trip if there are any unused funds.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes it is. A receipt will be mailed to you after your donation is made.

Is my donation eligible for a matching gift?

It is eligible for a matching donation if it is made from an employee of a  company that offers it like Boeing or Microsoft .

This sounds awesome. I want to go to.

We would love to see you there. DC has sun, some great sightseeing, and of course you get the chance to directly be part of the future of our medicine. The AANP set’s up your meetings with congressmen and senators from your state or the state you want to lobby for. More info can be found here.